About Peekalist

Create lists for free

Peekalist allows you to create lists for any occasion - popular examples include:

  • Christmas lists
  • Wedding lists
  • Birthday gift ideas
  • Job lists
  • Favourite films

You can make the lists tickable so you can check items off. Using Peekalist, it is easy to create, manage and view your lists from anywhere at any time. Peekalist's simple, minimal design provides an easy to use, intuitive interface for creating lists and adding list items. Best of all it is 100% free.

Share your lists

Once you create a list, there is the option to share the list. The list defaults to private access, so no one else can access it but you. You could choose shared access, so that you enter an email address (or Facebook friend) that can also view the list. You can assign access to many people if you want. If you don't mind who views it, you can create a public list. Public lists have a small URL and are a good idea if you are posting a link on Facebook, twitter or in a forum. You can change the access of a list at any time after you create a list.

Wish lists


Peekalist is the best place to create a wish list. You can create a list of things you want for your birthday and share it with your family and friends. You can select not to see the ticks, so they can log in and tick off what they want to buy you. No-one gets you the same gifts and you get what you want for your birthday! You could do the same with a public list and post it on Facebook so that your friends will know what to get you.


At Christmas you can create a wish list to say good-bye to bad presents and you can take a peek at the christmas wish lists of your friends and family, choose what to get them and mark it off. Everyone's happy and gets what they wanted for christmas, with no duplicate presents to take back. If you don't like a surprise (bah humbug!), you can select to see the ticks and keep tabs on your list to see if anyone has ticked off something on your wish list.


Getting married? Start building-up your wish list for your wedding by creating a wish list with Peekalist. You can enter the wedding date so you've got a countdown to the big day on the list. Your wedding invitees can log in and see what you want and how long they've got to get it!

Getting started

If you use Facebook, you can log in with Facebook without having to register directly with us! You will be ready to create lists in a jiffy. As you are logged in through Facebook, you will be able to share lists with Facebook friends of your choice. You will also have the option of posting a link to your lists on your Wall.

Don't worry if you haven't got Facebook - we haven't forgotten you. We require only the minimum amount of details to register with us, so it's very quick and easy to sign up and start creating lists. You can share your lists by simply adding in your friend's or family member's email address; they will be emailed a link to your list and simultaneously given access.

Our morals

We're a morally sound website who like to do the right thing, as such:

  • We don't like spam either - so we won't send you any
  • We won't share any data you give us, unless you say that it's ok
  • You control who sees your lists